Welcome to Polar Bear Fund

Our Mission

This web site was created by Cassiar Jade Collection to act as a vehicle of communication supporting conservation of the earth. The polar bear will be our keystone symbol representing all wildlife, people, and lands threatened by global warming.

Global warming is a multi-faceted state of circumstance webbing across political borders, economic barriers, and cultural diversities. It cannot be succinctly and simply represented by any one event.

However, climate change is occurring and it's up to us to save the planet!


The Road to Recovery

Everyone can do something to help. At Polar Bear Fund we will make donations from the sales of our polar bear products to nonprofit organizations that are involved in the conservation of the polar bears and their habitat. We will also provide links to other organizations that will benefit from your support.

Currently we will donate all proceeds to Polar Bears International, with additional projects to be added in the near future.

Progress Tracking


We support the following organizations: