Current Projects

The first organization benefiting from your generosity is Polar Bears International. Founded in 1992, PBI is internationally inclusive in scope as they continue to achieve conservation through research and education. 100% of all the proceeds donated to PBI go to conservation efforts related to polar bears. All overhead expenses are covered by sales from their gift shop, and through volunteer work. Visit their web site to learn more.

Focusing on great organizations like PBI is the best way to maximize your contributions and provide the best value for your purchase.

Progress Tracking


Future Projects

We will continue to review additional organizations that may benefit from your generous contributions.

We will focus on 3 categories.

  • Immediate (organizations that assist polar bears in need)
  • Short Term (research and education)
  • Long Term (CO2 emission and global warming)

If you find an organization you feel we should review, please send an email with the pertinent information.